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The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

THE CERAMIC STAIRCASE CEILING - This project, undertaken on behalf of Crick Smith UoL, involved undertaking 'Phase 1' of the treatment plan to the painted ceiling of the ceramic staircase. In preparation for upcoming building works, the friable and detaching paintwork required consolidation to prevent further loss.

Consolidation and re-attachment was carried out using a solvent carried epoxy resin injected behind flaking areas of the painted surface, individual sections were then laid flat and re-adhered to the substrate with the aid of a heated spatula. Areas of loss were 'toned in' with surrounding original paintwork using an acrylic wash in preparation for the next phase of the project. Phase 2, which will include the full-scale cleaning, filling and retouching of the ceiling, will hopefully be carried out in the next few years.

Ceiling before and after cleaning, consolidation and toning of loss areas

Area of friable paint before and after consolidation


THE LEIGHTON CORRIDOR ARCH - The textured arch required treatment to stabilise deterioration and restore to a unified appearance. Treatment included the consolidation and re-attachment of flaking and friable paint, gap filling to the areas of loss and retouching. The retouching stage involved replicating the effect of the decorative 'ragged' paintwork.

Area of severe cupping and loss before treatment

Before and after consolidation, filling and retouching of the arch

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