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Marouflage (Painted Canvas) Panels

The two panels shown below are from a collection of marouflage canvases recovered from Beaumont House Chapel in Old Windsor, which originally formed part of a historic interior decorative scheme designed and applied to the chapel by renowned architect William Romaine-Walker in 1902. The canvases were received in poor condition, suffering from severe surface and structural damage, with substantial losses to the paintwork and canvas support. One canvas had been entirely overpainted with modern white emulsion that required careful removal without compromising the paintwork beneath.

Due to their previous unsuitable storage and handling, the canvases had deteriorated, becoming dessicated and extremely friable. They were susceptible to further damage if left untreated and required immediate treatment to stabilise their condition. Historical and analytical research was carried out alongside practical treatment and a suggested storage and care program was provided. 

Panel A (above): 10ft x 3ft oil on canvas before and after treatment

Panel B (right): 5ft x 3ft oil on canvas before, during and after treatment


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