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National Liberal Club, London - Conservation of architectural tiled interior of smoking room

Mrs Smiths Cottage, Lincolnshire - Building survey and report

Victoria Park, St Helens - APR paint sampling of gate house and railings

Belsay Hall - APR Paint sampling of interior

Tuxford Signpost - APR paint sampling and analysis to establish original painted scheme

HMS Victory, Portsmouth - APR paint sampling 

Southwell Minster - Condition assessment and treatment plan

The Sunderland Trust, Pembroke - Marine archaeological conservation of aeroplane wreckage 

Glasgow Art Club - APR Paint sampling and analysis to identify potential historic scheme

St James the Less, Derbyshire - Conservation of wall paintings & reinstatement of Victorian painted decorative scheme

Tennyson's House - Consolidation, cleaning and mounting of wallpaper samples

Coventry Cathedral - Cleaning of stained glass fragments

Sharjah Heritage Museum, UAE - (one month) Conservation of collections, total 56 objects treated

St John the Baptist, Matlock Bath - Revealing of overpainted decorative scheme, reinstatement & gilding

V&A, London - Cleaning, consolidation and retouching of ceramic stair ceiling and Leighton Corridor arch

Bently Priory Museum, London - Conservation of three historic ceilings. Consolidation, retouching, plaster repairs etc.

Hatfield House, Hatfield - Conservation of wallpaper, cleaning, consolidation & retouching

Al Hisn Museum, UAE - (three months) Conservation of collections, total 148 objects treated

Swains Lane Lodge - Architectural Paint Analysis and report

Kensington Palace - Removing overpaint from marble fireplace

Private Residence, London - Consolidation, filling & retouching of mural. 

Private Residence, London - Conservation of marble floor, fireplaces, window surrounds and wooden panelling

Soanes Museum - Cleaning, filling and retouching entrance hall. Reinstatement of faux porphyry panel

Royal Academy - Paint sampling / revealing of original scheme

V&A, London - Conservation and reinstatement of historic ceiling, silver gallery upper staircase

Russian Orthodox Cathedral, London - Cleaning of sgraffito murals. Cleaning of stained glass.

Private Knightsbridge Residence - Gilding of fireplace, touching in of damaged areas

Private Church, London - Reinstating painted scheme to alter

Private Kensington Residence - Revealing of original marbled scheme of columns 

Private Blackheath Residence - Toning of exterior building repairs to match surrounding historic brickwork

Private Governmental Building - Cleaning of gilt cornice, repairs to ornamental plasterwork

Private Kensington Residence - Retouching and revarnishing damaged marble table

Combermere Abbey - Large scale conservation of historic ceiling. Conservation of heraldic crests

Private Building, London - Filling and retouching of 19thC painted stairway

Private Residence, Guilford - Retouching damage to painted and gilt detail. Toning and lime washing window surrounds

Cafe Royal, London - Applying protecting varnish to ceiling paintings

Brompton Oratory, London - Conservation of marouflage panels. Cleaning of marble, decorative plasterwork and gilding

Museum of Islamic Civilisation, UAE - Conservation of Collections

Africa Centre, London - Removal of mural from wall surface and remounting (due to building re-use)

Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London  - Cleaning and re-lacquering of brass plaques 

Stratford Theatre, London - Consolidation, cleaning, filling and retouching of painted theatre curtain

St Andrews, Holborn - Consolidation and retouching of wallpaper

Private Residence, London - Repairing damaged and missing plasterwork detail. Stippled paint effect to cornice and columns

Rainham Hall, London - Cleaning, filling and retouching of decorative interiors

St Ethedredas, Hatfield - Consolidation, cleaning, filling and retouching of wall painting

Goodenough College, London - Cleaning and securing mounting of bronze bust

Private Fitzrovia Residence - Applying conservation protection to ceiling paintings to protect during decoration works

Private Islington Residence - retouching/toning of modern plaster repairs to match historic plasterwork

Pitzhanger Manor, London - Paint sampling and revealing of historic decorative schemes

Bait Al Naboodah Museum, UAE - Conservation of collections, total 42 artifacts treated

Natural History Museum, London - Consolidation, cleaning, filling and retouching of decorative entrance hall ceiling

Hurst House, London - Condition assessment, removal, remedial conservation treatment and reinstatement of ceiling paintings

Private Richmond Residence - Conservation of Roman marble statue
Private Richmond Residence - Removal of panel painting for conservation, re-mounting and retouching of surrounding staircase

Old Vicarage School, London - Remodelling of damaged and lost plaster detail. Application of painted lettering to interior doors

St John's Church, Notting Hill - Re-instatement of faux bronze and stone scheme to reredos
Private Highgate Residence - Palladium leafing interior of glass cabinets

Goldsmiths' Hall, London - Revealing of historic gilded script scheme of Livery Hall frieze

Natural History Museum, London - Conservation cleaning and repairs to interior architectural terracotta of the Ecology Gallery

St Marie's Cathedral, Sheffield - Conservation of hand painted Victorian tiled interior

St Mary Magdalene, London - Undertaking testing and trials to historic surfaces & collection of material samples for analysis

Royal Residence, UK - Leading conservation survey of 17th Century painted ceiling. Responsible for production of survey reports

St Patrick's Chapel, Brompton Oratory, London - Leading conservation of eight 19thC murals and marble altar/memorial/statues

All Saint's Church, Fleet - Conservation condition survey and treatment trials to fire damaged mural

Kelmarsh Hall, Northampton - Consolidation of historic paintwork and wallpaper. Hanging of hessian for reinstatement works

Confidential Location, UK - Conservation condition survey of medieval painted plaster and timbers

Royal Albert Hall, London - application f specialist decorative finish to interior of boxes, including the royal box

Hilton's Biltmore Hotel, London - Gilding of six ceilings in various leaf effects with glazing and botanical mural elements

Oxford & Cambridge Club, London - Gilding of architectural detail work

Hogen Lovells, London - Gilding of reception desk feature walls

Theatre Royal, London - Conservation cleaning of historic gilded ceiling

Times Building, London - Gilding of external architectural detail to window surround

Artwork by Banksy - Repair to gilded frame

Villa Waldfried, Switzerland - Gilding of nine ceilings in varied leaf

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