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The National Liberal Club, London

The National Liberal Club, London, was designed by Alfred Waterhouse in 1885 and is renowned for its beautifully tiled interiors. Conservation and restoration work to the architectural tiled interior of the Smoking Room was undertaken as a member of the Crick Smith team. Treatments included the recording, examination, cleaning, consolidation, gap filling, retouching and replication of tiles.  

To view a short video of the work being undertaken visit:

Column during and after treatment

Replica tiles were colour matched and retouched to simulate surrounding originl ceramic surfaces

Excess cement was removed from column before replicas were set in place using reversible adhesive

Losses to ceramic detail were hand modelled using a reversible conservation approved two-part epoxy putty.


Replacement tiles and detail were retouched and glazed to match surrounding original surfaces.

Loss to ceramic detail before and after conservation

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