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The Africa Centre at Covent Garden's 38 King Street was gifted to 'the people of Africa' in 1966 by the Catholic Church and was opened by President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, becoming a vibrant social, political and cultural meeting centre frequently hosting talks, debates, shows and exhibitions. Following the Africa Centre's relocation, due to the sale of 38 King Street for conversion and refurbishment, a large mural painted by the renowned Mozambican artist and poet Malangatana Ngwenya required removing from the curved stairwell for potential re-instatement in their new venue.


Working as a member of the Hare & Humphreys team, the mural was sucessfully removed from the wall and is currently in the process of being conserved for re-display.


Mural after removal of perspex sheeting

Colleague applying facing support prior to mural's removal from the wall

Mural in situ on wall of curved stairwell prior to removal

Wall face after removal of mural

Backing and packaging sections for transportation

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