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The Church of St John The Baptist, Matlock Bath

This grade II listed chapel was built in 1897 and is the only church to have been designed by Guy Dawber, renowned architect, first president of the Council for the Preservation of Rural England and president of RIBA (1925-1927). The chapel had suffered years of re-decoration, decay, fire damage and vandalism, including the loss of its original arts and crafts stencil décor. Work carried out during this month long project included the conservation of the chapel’s oak screen, altar reredos, wainscot panelling and Stations of the Cross. This completed project, which was undertaken on behalf on Cricksmith UoL, was commended as 'heroic' by the the English Heritage Angel Awards and was nominated in recognition of “…the tremendous time, effort and determination to rescue St John the Baptist Chapel”.

Panelling before and after treatment

Laser cutting stencils

Hand modelling and retouching losses to reredos composition detail

Reredos before and after revealing of original scheme

Consolidating area of candle damage prior to filling

Reredos before and after revealing of original scheme

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