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The Brompton Oratory, London

THE MARY MAGDELINE CHAPEL - This project involved the conservation treatment and reinstatement of decoration to the interior of the Mary Magdeline Chapel of Brompton Oratory. In addition to years of accumulated surfaces dirt, the decorative surfaces were cracked, flaking and severely discoloured due to water ingress. The marouflage panels required careful cleaning and consolidation of the painted surface and reaffixing to the plaster substrate. Repairs were also carried out to the decorative plasterwork, replacing missing detail using a combination of casting and hand modelling techniques.

Conservation works were carried out alongside Hare & Humphreys' specialist decorators who reinstated the damaged painted scheme of surrounding wall faces and decorative friezes and undertook the extensive re-gilding of decorative detail and the dome.

Cleaning to plaster panel and and marouflage insert

During cleaning of marouflage showing amazingly preserved original surface beneath years of accumulated dirt

Area of chapel wall face with marouflage panel before and after conservation                             

Poor condition of wall faces and artworks before conservation                             

Wall faces and artworks after conservation and reinstatement of original painted decoration                            


ADDITIONAL WORKS - Conservation cleaning was also undertaken to the chapels' mosaics, statues and extensive marble alter.

Before and after conservation cleaning of mosaic                       

Before and after conservation cleaning of mosaic                       

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