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Sharjah Museums, United Arab Emirates

Conservation Project Co-ordinator for Sharjah Museums Department 2011-2015. This role included the conservation treatment and cataloguing of a wide variety of artefacts forThe Museum of Islamic Civilisation, Kalba Museum, Sharjah Heritage Museum, Bait Al Naboodah, Sharjah Maritime Museum and Sharjah Archaeology Museum, . Primary tasks included:



  • Conservation treatment of extensive collection of archaeological and ethnographic artefacts

  • Condition assessments and digital recording of collections

  • Implementation and maintainance of preventative conservation techniques including environmental monitoring and pest management

  • Design and construction of mounts and enclosures for artefacts on display and in storage

  • Research and writing of museum information display boards

  • Planning and design of interactive displays

  • Organisation of storage using conservation grade materials


  • Use of ADLIB database to search and modify object records

  • ​Trans-site transportation of objects

  • Research and identification of unidentified artefacts

  • Investigation and identification of fakes within museum collections

  • Production of record photography and treatment reports for all objects

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