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50 rounds of ammunition composed of brass casings and lead projectiles. Assortment of types/makes, stamps present on some confirming manufacture in various different countries. Three hand rolled casings. Two containing lead ball projectiles. Eight spent casings with no projectile. Some cartirdges have been fired (detectible by the indent on the percussion cap located on the base) and reassembled for display. Majority are unfired and retain the paper projectile casing and animal hair wadding.

  • Lead bullets had been crushed and scratched during previous crude deactivation. Traces of degraded gunpowder still remaining on interior of casings.

  • Projectiles were loose, some had fallen within the casing and become lodged.

  • SM numbers were illegible and some missing altogether.

  • Severe corrosion to metal surfaces, especially in areas where the metal has been in prolonged contact with the leather of the ammunition belt

  • Projectiles had not been replaced in the correct position

Treatment included removal of gunpowder residues for safe disposal, treatment of corrosion, re-positioning of projectiles within casings for display, removal of remains of old SM numbers and application of new numbers, application of protective coating

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